What Is Meaning Of The Word Memorable Answer?

What are memorable words?

Your memorable word is a word between six and eight characters.

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What is another word for memorable?

In this page you can discover 50 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for memorable, like: extraordinary, enduring, unforgettable, unusual, notable, illustrious, unnoteworthy, recollectable, remarkable, forgettable and momentous.

What are some memorable moments in life?

33 Moments In Life That Are More Important Than You ThinkOpening your first paycheck. Tap to play or pause GIF. … Bearing witness to a turning point in history. Flickr: outtacontext. … Driving alone for the first time. … Reveling in a great book. … Graduating from school. … Having an adult conversation with your parents. … Appreciating an animal. … Enjoying a great meal.More items…•

What means seafaring?

: the use of the sea for travel or transportation.

What is the root word of memorable?

The Latin word for worthy of being remembered, memorabilis , is the root of memorable.

What is the meaning of memorable moment?

adjective. Something that is memorable is worth remembering or likely to be remembered, because it is special or very enjoyable.

How do you write a memorable essay?

7 Helpful Tips on How to Write A Memorable Personal Essay1 Understand what a personal essay is. Ask three different experts what a personal essay is and you’ll likely get three different answers. … 2 Find a compelling topic. … 3 Start with a strong hook. … 4 Create an outline. … 5 Narrow your focus. … 6 Show, don’t tell. … 7 Craft a thought-provoking conclusion.

What is an example of Unforgettable?

If you describe something as unforgettable, you mean that it is, for example, extremely beautiful, enjoyable, or unusual, so that you remember it for a long time. You can also refer to extremely unpleasant things as unforgettable. A visit to the museum is an unforgettable experience.

What is another word for unforgettable?

In this page you can discover 19 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for unforgettable, like: memorable, exhilarate, enchanting, , awe-inspiring, captivating, ingrained, forgettable, notable, action-packed and amazing.

What unforgettable means?

incapable of being forgotten: incapable of being forgotten : memorable.

What is a sentence for memorable?

Use “memorable” in a sentence | “memorable” sentence examples. 1 It was a truly memorable experience. 2 I haven’t seen them since that memorable evening when the boat capsized. 3 This was indeed the most memorable day of my life.

What is a memorable person?

adj worth remembering or easily remembered; noteworthy. (C15: from Latin memorabilis, from memorare to recall, from memor mindful) ♦ memorability, memorableness n. ♦ memorably adv. memorisable, memorizable, memorably, memorableness.

What is the difference between memorable and unforgettable?

Unforgettable implies a more lively or physical experience, while memorable tends towards the more mentally stimulating experiences. Also, the former generally refers to a single moment, while the latter can refer to a longer period of time.

Is unforgettable or was unforgettable?

It was unforgettable!” “I remember it like it was yesterday” If you really want to say it, I think “I think this trip was unforgettable” but it sounds a bit clumsy. “It was unforgettable” is more natural.

What is the meaning of word memorable?

adjective. worth remembering; notable: a memorable speech. easily remembered.