Quick Answer: What Is Insufficient Mean?

How do you use insufficient in a sentence?

1 His children were dwarfed by insufficient food.

2 He decided there was insufficient evidence to justify criminal proceedings.

3 The food was both bad and insufficient..

What does insufficient time mean?

: not enough : not sufficient There was insufficient time to finish. Other Words from insufficient.

What is mean by insufficient funds?

non-sufficient fundsThe term non-sufficient funds (NSF), or insufficient funds, refers to the status of a checking account that does not have enough money to cover transactions. … If a bank receives a check written on an account with insufficient funds, the bank can refuse payment and charge the account holder an NSF fee.

What insignificant means?

: not significant: such as. a : lacking meaning or import. b : small in size, quantity, or number. c : not worth considering : unimportant. d : lacking weight, position, or influence : contemptible.

What fund means?

A fund is a pool of money set aside for a specific purpose. Those pools can are often invested and professionally managed. Some common types of funds include pension funds, insurance funds, foundations, and endowments.

What is the difference between deficiency and insufficiency?

The term “insufficiency” means a mild decrease and “deficiency” means a greater decrease in vitamin D levels.

What does insufficiency mean?

1 : the quality or state of being insufficient: such as. a : lack of mental or moral fitness : incompetence the insufficiency of this person for public office.

What is the difference between sufficient and insufficient?

As adjectives the difference between sufficient and insufficient. is that sufficient is equal to the end proposed; adequate to wants; enough; ample; competent; as, while insufficient is not sufficient.

What happens if you have insufficient funds for a direct debit?

If there is not enough money in your bank account to cover a direct debit payment, and you do not have an authorised overdraft facility, your account provider may refuse to pay the bill and issue you with a penalty charge.

What does insufficient progress mean?

adj not sufficient; inadequate or deficient.

What is another word for lacking?

SYNONYMS FOR lack 1 dearth, scarcity, paucity, deficit, insufficiency.

Can you get insufficient funds removed?

If the agent insists that they can’t help you, politely ask to speak with a supervisor. Be prepared to not get a fee refunded every time. As a matter of fact, the more frequently you overdraft your account (and call to waive the charges) the less likely your bank will be willing to waive fees in the future.

What is another word for insufficient?

SYNONYMS FOR insufficient 1 inadequate, scanty, deficient.

What is insufficient evidence?

Evidence which fails to meet the burden of proof. In a trial, if the prosecution finishes presenting their case and the judge finds they have not met their burden of proof, the judge may dismiss the case (even before the defense presents their side) for insufficient evidence.

What does shortness mean?

shortness noun [U] (TIME) (of time) the quality of being not very long or less than average or usual: shortness of time.