Is Petty Short For Petulant?

What part of speech is petulant?

petulantpart of speech:adjectiverelated words:angry, bad, grumpy, moody, querulous, sourWord CombinationsSubscriber feature About this featurederivations:petulantly (adv.), petulance (n.)1 more row.

What is a petulant child?

The adjective, petulant, is a disapproving term used to describe a bad-tempered child, an adult behaving like an angry child or behavior of this type. Angry or annoyed mean the same thing, but if you choose the word, petulant, you are indicating that it is unreasonable or unjustified.

What does churlish mean?

1 : of, resembling, or characteristic of a churl : vulgar. 2 : marked by a lack of civility or graciousness : surly he didn’t like the churlish tone in his voice— Margaret Truman outrage is among your more churlish emotions— Robert Goldsborough It would be churlish not to congratulate her.

What is the opposite of prerogative?

prerogative. Antonyms: disqualification, disfranchisement. Synonyms: eight, privilege, immunity.

What is the meaning of crotchety?

The adjective crotchety describes someone who’s difficult, irritable, and ornery. If you’re crotchety, you complain and argue and are more or less miserable to be around.

Is Petty an insult?

“Petty” literally means “small.” It evolved from the French petit in the late 14th century. A century later, it had curdled into a belittling insult, referring to issues of “small importance” or to “small minded” people. To call other people petty can be to reduce them, and swat them away.

What’s a big word for childish?

In this page you can discover 53 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for childish, like: immature, childlike, infantile, kiddish, sophomoric, juvenile, puerile, babyish, primitive, naive and adolescent.

Is petty and childish the same thing?

Childish adjective – Having or showing the annoying qualities (as silliness) associated with children. Petty and childish are semantically related. In some cases you can use “Petty” instead an adjective “Childish”.

How do you use petulant in a sentence?

Petulant sentence examplesFred gave the woman a petulant little boy look but then smiled and patted her arm. … You need to respect that, because the next time you throw one of your petulant hissy fits, I swear to God, I will install so much sound proofing in this room, you will never hear another note.More items…

What is the synonym for petulant?

petulant(a.) Synonyms: irascible, irritable, fretful, peevish, hasty, touchy, testy, crusty, pettish, waspish, choleric, snappish, snarling, cross, crabbed, captious, censorious, acrimonious, perverse, froward, ill-tempered, out of sorts.

What does perpetual child mean?

noun. A person who lives or has lived with his or her parents as long as the parents are or were alive, and afterwards requires someone else to be looked after by. A person who is adult in stature but is still not capable of living as an independent adult.

How can you tell if someone is petty?

11 Signs of a Petty FriendThey make a big deal over every little thing, and let you know it, too. … They are vindictive, but a sly and classy version.They will never admit fault, even if they’re at fault.They will hold a grudge but be civil about it. … You might not know they’re “mad” at you but they are.More items…•

What part of speech is unctuous?

adjective. characterized by excessive piousness or moralistic fervor, especially in an affected manner; excessively smooth, suave, or smug.

What is the best definition of petulant?

1 : insolent or rude in speech or behavior. 2 : characterized by temporary or capricious ill humor : peevish.

What is the opposite of petulant?

petulant(adjective) Antonyms: easygoing. Synonyms: grouchy, ill-tempered, bad-tempered, irritable, crabby, snappish, huffy.

What is a petty person?

Urban Dictionary defines petty as “making things, events, or actions normal people dismiss as trivial or insignificant into excuses to be upset, uncooperative, childish, or stubborn.” It further defines it as “a person who is purposefully childish with the intent of eliciting a reaction,” or “someone who does something …

What do you call an annoying child?

Brat. Definition – an ill-mannered annoying child.

What does baffled mean?

(Entry 1 of 2) transitive verb. 1 : to defeat or check (someone) by confusing or puzzling : to confuse or frustrate completely : disconcert Her behavior baffled her parents.