Is Dumbo OK For A 4 Year Old?

Is Dumbo scary for toddlers?

Is Tim Burton’s live-action Dumbo too dark for kids.

Tim Burton is well known for his dark and imaginative take on films and Dumbo is no different.

But it wasn’t as dark and dreary as I expected.

These can be a little intense for younger aged kids and even for those that are older, but sensitive to these scenarios..

Is despicable me OK for a 4 year old?

Yes! Most of the humor is written for kids, and there are few scary moments of any sort: peril is kept to a minimum. There’s also very little to upset kids of moviegoing age, as even the fact that the children characters are orphans is fairly well glossed over.

Is minions OK for a 4 year old?

Minions is a funny animated movie that will delight children and adults. It features characters first seen in Despicable Me. This movie is most suitable for children aged over eight years, because there are violent scenes involving guns, bombs, grenades, and explosions. There are also some scary characters.

Why Dumbo is a bad movie?

It’s a disturbing 60 minute nightmare full of racism, abuse, and bizarre horror. Yes, it’s lifted by the hauntingly beautiful relationship between the bullied Dumbo and his loving mother, but that emotional depth only makes the rest of the film all the more shocking in comparison.

Is Dumbo kid friendly?

Dumbo is rated PG for peril/action, some thematic elements, and brief mild language.

What age is Dumbo 2019 suitable for?

7Age Appropriate For: 7+. This live-action version of the animated Disney original again focuses on a young elephant who is mocked for his overly large ears; there is some bullying throughout, and one particularly cruel elephant handler threatens to use violence against the animals.