Can You Type On Doceri?

How much is explain everything?

Explain Everything pricing starts at $6.99 per month..

Is explain everything app free?

With the Free Plan you can: Save up to 3 completely separate projects. Export your projects as videos, PDFs or images (iOS and Android versions) Create videos.

How much is explain everything app?

Special volume discounts for students and teachers.No. of SeatsAnnual PriceMonthly Price1-9$24.99 per seat$6.99 per seat10-100$8.99 per seat$3.99 per seat101-1000$6.99 per seat$2.99 per seatLarger volume discounts are availableGet in TouchGet in Touch

How does Educreations work?

Educreations is an exciting app that transforms your iPad into a recordable whiteboard. It records your voice, handwriting and also allows you to insert pictures to produce your own personal video lessons that you and your students can share online.

How much does doceri cost?

Doceri Desktop is a one-time purchase of just $30.00 (USD) with no annual subscription or maintenance cost requirements. When you purchase a Doceri Desktop license, you will receive a promo code for free enrollment in the Doceri Training Course.

What is doceri app?

Doceri is a professional interactive whiteboard tablet app with sophisticated tools for hand-drawn graphics and built-in remote desktop control. Originally designed for teachers, Doceri is used by creative individuals in myriad roles and professions from education to entertainment.

Is doceri free for teachers?

Two Parts: Doceri Desktop and the Doceri iPad App This is free and can be found in the app store. Through the app, teachers can use whiteboard feature and use their iPad as a wireless slate with students. … For example, a teacher could annotate a website or slide presentation and be in other parts of the room.